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5 Things I Want to Help You With

Hi! Just wanted to make sure that you know that many of the links I use are affiliate links. This means that, after I have fallen in love with a product, I ask if I can help to promote it. This means that if you click on my link and end up purchasing, I get a commission and a very grateful heart. So, thank you.

Right to the point: My blog exists because I want to help you realize that your dreams are legitimate and you already have everything inside of you to leap forward and create a successful online business. You’ve spent your life talking yourself out of your dreams, allowing others to roll their eyes at your big ideas, and living a life that really is no reflection of your true spirit. Well, enough of that.

Identify Your Biggest Dreams

Big, giant, juicy dreams are encouraged in young children. You can be anything you want to be! Dream big!

Then, you hit those first days of adulthood and you are supposed to cash in all your dreaming for a big heap of practicality. Sadly, most people just accept this and shift to living their lives like they “should” and the big dream is now a one week vacation at the beach.

Those of us who continue dreaming do so at a cost. When we speak our dreams, we are met with eyerolls and judgement. Big buckets of ice cold water are always tossed on top of our dreams. If we still dare chase that dream and fail, we get a chorus of “I told you so” or we just keep it to ourselves like a dirty, shamful secret.

The road to big dreams is always going to involve a failure or two… or a hundred. But when you already feel like the oddball out for dreaming such crazy things, those failures sting extra hard. They start messing with your confidence and you doubt your abilities. Worse, you start believing the voices outside of you when they say your dream is never going to happen.


Here’s the thing. Nothing is wrong with you for dreaming. Right there, that sentence, that is our work. To start there and believe that. It is healthy to dream. And healthier yet to strive to reach your dreams. It’s even healthy to fail. I want to help you uncover your dreams and speak them with your head held high and your heart singing.

Unvover Your Unique Voice and Learn Who You Want to Serve

If you have been closing yourself off to your big dreams, you have also been quieting your voice. Your truth. In your heart of hearts you dream of a life of complete freedom. (That means something different to everyone, but it’s the essence of every dream.) But you live a life that doesn’t reflect your greatest desires. You don’t feel free.

You’ve adjusted to filtering what you say and may even now beleive that you don’t have anything worthwile to say.

When I started my online journey, I though it was about learning tools and software. Ohhhhh noooo. It is about uncovering who you are and giving your true voice a chance to emerge. The process of uncovering your voice will naturally lead you to know who it is you want to serve in your online business. Bam! A soul-centered business is about to be born!

Find The Best Online Business For You

Most people start here. I did. And was lost for a decade. If you do the groundwork of first beleiving that your dreams are real and healthy followed by uncovering your voice, then finding the best online business for you will be much easier. The fun part is that there is probably more than one or two perfect onine businesses for you. So it will just be a matter of picking which one is first. Woo hoo!

5 steps to soul-centered success

Avoid the Noise and Online Yuck

A huge advantage to going through the initial work is that you will more naturally avoid the noise and icky yucky sleaze that filters into online business opportunities. You’ll be more in touch with your truth and so much less likely to beleive big, empty promises and outright scams. You’ll also be much more inclined to put your blinders on and focus on the business model you chose instead of starting, getting overwhelmed, failing, quitting, rinsing and repeating. This is kinda a big flipping deal because it is where the majority of people get hung up with online biz and you are going to leap right over it!

Embrace Personal Growth as Your Path to True Success

As I said above, starting an onine business is only a tiny part about learning the programs. It is at least 90% going deep and really discovering who you are. If you are not willing to embrace your personal growth, your online business is not going to grow. Sure, you can get a program and follow the exact steps and probably make some money. But you haven’t created a business. You haven’t found true freedom and I can guarantee that your heat isn’t singing. Has your heart ever sung simply by following someone else’s steps?

Most people resist this piece of the puzzle. In fact, I lost years always feeling like I needed just one more piece to my puzzle. Then another, And another. I was learning and doing and investing in everything under the sun. And yet I always felt like I needed more pieces for things to click. Something was always missing. It was not until I realized that I was the missing piece that it all came together.


I’m not trying to pretend that I wrote anything new or mind-blowing here. But I am writing what I wish I would have read when I was secretly trying to chase my dreams and going down one dead-end alley after another. It all comes from within and learning to trust and love who you are. Sounds trite, but oooohh this is where your life is about to get good. Really, really good.

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