9 Daily Productivity Hacks That Work Instantly

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no more to do lists
Toss your to do list out if you really want to get productive

You know things are bad when you are buried in so many tasks and to-dos that you can’t find the time to learn how to become more productive. Besides being too busy, I’m also stubborn. I had several people highly recommend a productivity book to me and I was so certain it wouldn’t help me that I didn’t even bother to try.

Can Productivity Hacks Even Work?

I could see the people who had implemented what they learned getting more and more done and gaining a ton of momentum in their online businesses. Using my favorite tactic to avoid trying something, I decided that they were just naturally more organized and more energized and focused than I am. But you know what? The time always comes where you either decide to stay miserable and hide behind your excuses or you decide to look yourself in the mirror and make changes. I still had in my head that the people I saw taking leaps forward had something special that I didn’t, and I doubted that I could simply read a book and learn to improve my productivity. But I knew I had to do something.

Business, Kids, and Lists Oh My!

Running an onine businees has a lot of moving parts. There is also the constant learning that goes along with it. It seems like every time I set out to learn one thing, it leads to 10 other things. It’s hard to stay focused and know what is important. Now, let’s toss in two young kids and close to zero help in that area. Even when they are on their best behavior, it is unusual to have more than a 10 or 15 minute stretch before I am interrupted for something. While writing this post, for example, I have so far stopped to get two snacks, color with my daughter, play an unending game of war with my son, and put ice on a not so major boo-boo. Thus, a chorus of people telling me over and over, “Mary, you really need to read this book!” and me finally saying, “Hmmmm, maybe they have a point.” Productivity hacks to the rescue!

Double Your Productivity for Life

Bam! Pow! My Life Changed!

I have always read a lot of personal growth and self-improvement books. Sometimes I start to feel like there is nothing new for me to learn. And then I read something like Double Your Productivity for Life and get wowed. This book is 9 quick to read chapters that will literally change your life as you read it.

Even if I had stopped reading after chapter one, there were already huge improvements. That first chapter discusses why the 80/20 rule makes you less productive if you do not set time limits. If I say, I need to get a blog post written today, I may or may not get that post written. There is no defined time so I could be wishy washy about committing to getting it done. But if I set a timer for 45 minutes and say that at the end of that time, the post gets published no matter what, I will have more reason to actually complete that task. That’s a pretty lame explanation. The author does a much better job. And for real, this chapter really opened up my eyes and let me make instant changes in how I work.

Less Choices Equals Increased Productivity

The other big eye opener and life changer for me was the chapter about giving yourself fewer choices. I come from a long line of people who can’t make simple decisions. In our modern world of having 100 variations and options for everything, we get lost-and lose a lot of time and productivity-trying to decide between an overabundance of options. Chapter 4 of this book with take care of that in a snap. No, seriously. I have spent my whole life paralyzed when faced with any kind of decision. So, it makes sense that I stare at my to do list and get anxiety. I always feel like I will make the wrong decision with what I chose to do first. Even if I’m not aware of it, that’s exactly what is going on.

A loosely related aside. For anyone from the Unites States who has gone grocery shopping in another country, tell me: How liberating was it? I live in Mexico and, while the stores are becoming more and more Americanized, they still remain very different. You want jelly. You can have strawberry and choose between two different brands. Choice made in less than two seconds. Every product is like this. (With the excetption of deoderants and hair gels which each have their own aisles haha) It sounds trivial, but this lack of choice is quite freeing.

productivity hack: limit your choices

Toss Your To Do List In The Garbage

My Favorite Productivity Hack EVER!

After a lifetime, or at least an adulthood, of having multiple to do lists in every notebook and on every scrap of paper I could get my hands on, this productivity hack is my all time favorite. All my lists were doing was giving me overwhelm and keeping me from being productive. Kind of the opposite of what I wanted them to do. Jason, the author or Double Your Productivity for Life gives a dead simple alternative that WORKS. Plus , his method adds to dos that are fun and give you quality time with your family. And, if you are like me, spending more time with family was the motivation for starting my online business.

Give These Productivity Tips a Try Risk Free

I’ve only given you little peaks into what this book offers. You know, I’m lucky to be in a mastermind group with some very successful online marketers. And so far 4 of them have mentioned that they bought this book for full price when they were starting out and they directly credit it for their online success. It’s one of the first resources they offer to people just starting their online journey. So, I’m offering it to you and hope that you won’t be as stubborn as I was and make me tell you about it 100 times before you give it a try. To help, I’ve gotten approval to give it to you at a highly reduced price. And to take all pressure off, there is a no questions asked money back guarantee. So, buy it, read it, and watch your productivity double within 48 hours. Yup. 48 hours.

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