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Mindset & Buying Make Money Online Programs

Hi! Just wanted to make sure that you know that many of the links I use are affiliate links. This means that, after I have fallen in love with a product, I ask if I can help to promote it. This means that if you click on my link and end up purchasing, I get a commission and a very grateful heart. So, thank you.

I’m terrible at remembering jokes and stories, but that doesn’t stop me from retelling them. 

Have you heard the saying that says something like, I’ll stay up all night, unable to sleep, as I think of ways to hold on to my last $100. Or any $100. But I won’t spend 2 minutes thinking of how to make $1000. 

That’s the mind for you. It loves to latch onto fear and feed it so that the fear can grow bigger and bigger and convince us that it is REALITY. “Oh! This is good stuff! This is what you need to think about over and over again!”

But give the mind something to stretch it and make it grow, like, oh, I’m just pulling this out of nowhere (wink, wink), starting your very own Amazon business and changing your life forever, and your brain will go “NOPE! You are crazy. You are dreaming. Everyone will laugh at how silly you are! That is for other people, not for sensible ol’ you! Scary! So scary! Run away! Run back to reality and that last $100 in the bank!”

Going against the mind is never easy. But sometimes you really do have to tell it to shush and get out of your way. I’m thinking of two times that I did. And I’m realizing that it is much more than telling your brain to shush, but also telling the people around you to shush (or at least tuning them out). 

What I ended up doing when I made up my mind to permanently move to Mexico and to try to become a first-time mom after turning 40, was pretty much keep my plans to myself. Because even the best-intentioned people are pros at taking the winds out of your sails and convincing you you are dead wrong. And crazy. 

I did make my move to Mexico to a muted chorus of gems like “You’ll regret it.” “You don’t go to live where people go on vacation. Life is not a vacation!” I quickly realized 99%, of the advice I received, was coming from fear and jealousy. Not that everyone I know also wanted to move to Mexico, but deep down, they had big dreams that they were too scared to pursue. So best to shoot down the dreams of everyone else. 

I did have two beautiful babies when I was in my 40’s and I won’t even go into the “helpful” things that people told me during that journey. 

The thing that stands out to me about both of those experiences is that they were lonely. Like I had to filter who I talked to and bounced plans and ideas off of because no one else was believing in my dreams like I was.

It was definitely that way when I started looking to make money online. So many people are really unfulfilled by their careers and feel like they do not have a single option to change things. So if they hear someone dreaming of creating a life of financial independence and freedom to do whatever they want, oh boy will they go on the attack. 

When you try and fail at your first one or two ideas, you almost want to join in the party and beat yourself up too. “Silly me, they were right.” And you certainly can’t share your frustrations and disappointments with anyone unless you love hearing “I told you so!”

One of the objections I get when I tell people about the life changing programs I promote is “oh, I can find videos on youtube or classes on Udemy for free or very cheap.” I completely agree you can. There is some pretty solid information out there. 

But, besides having to sift through a giant boatload of information, and losing time sorting out the useless garbage, it’s lonely. And it’s nearly impossible to keep the momentum going. And the next thing you know, you start believing all the naysayers. 

I’ll admit the first time I went into a high ticket course, I did it just to get a peak and had every intention of taking advantage of the refund period. But, over the years I now look at how many of the low ticket courses or products have given me any value and it’s close to zero. 

Besides that, the low ticket items never are low ticket. It goes like this “buy my remarkable miracle product at this once only amazing cost! It is the only product you need! You need absolutely nothing else but this one product to be a huge success!” The “pay now” button is not even cold and you are immediately bombarded with sales letters and videos telling you that you will, indeed be a complete failure with the product you just bought unless you also buy 4 more products that are 100% necessary to ensure your success.” Wa-waaa

Oops, where was I? Ah! The beauty of this high ticket, high-quality courses. Solid information. Solid teaching from people who actually do what they are teaching and have a passion for sharing what they know. A track record of successful members/students. Support through a support system as well as direct communication with current and former members. Someone always being there to walk you through a roadblock be it technical or mental. Cheerleaders. Seeing the real-time success of other members and feeling happy for them because you know that you will achieve the same success. Oh, and, in this case, a rock-solid bonus package that gives you superpowers. 

I guess this is a good time to tell you that I’m long winded. 

So, what is your mind telling you? Are you going to listen? Always feel free to hit reply and tell me where you’re at or bombard me with questions. 

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