The Easy Way to Honest Affiliate Marketing Success

Hi! Just wanted to make sure that you know that many of the links I use are affiliate links. This means that, after I have fallen in love with a product, I ask if I can help to promote it. This means that if you click on my link and end up purchasing, I get a commission and a very grateful heart. So, thank you.

The What and Why of Affilate Marketing

If you have looked into making money online, you have probably come across the idea of affiliate marketing over and over again. That’s because it is a tried and true way to create an online income. It’s popular for a good reason. That is a good thing and a bad thing.

The good is that it is accessible to anyone looking for a low cost entry to making money online. The bad is that affiliate marketing, because of being so accessible, attracts a lot– A LOT– of sleaze. Sleazy people creating courses to “teach” newbies how to become rich overnight. They’ll put up screenshot after screenshot of the thousands of dollars they make every second. The courses always make it sound simple. Find a product (almost always a popular Clickbank product), put the product in front of someone desperate for a solution, and cash in.

Aside from the obvious lack of discussing things like actually trying the product yourself first to make sure it is good and putting the customer first, these courses brush over how hard it is to create websites, sales funnels, capture emails, and all the other backend things necessary. Affiliate marketing also attracts sleazesters who would sell any crap product to anyone just to make a fast buck. Ick, ick, ick.

When I first started looking into Affiliate Marketing, I purchased and refunded dozens of courses for the simple fact that they were not teaching me to create a business. They simply showed you the easiest and quickest way to take money from people. Lots of people get rich doing it that way, but not this girl.

So, yes, in it’s essence, affiliate marketing is simple. You find an offer or a product, become an affiliate, put the product in front of buyers, and fill up your bank account. Of course, there are some paths into affiliate marketing that are just about that easy. Signing up to become an Amazon affiliate, for example. But there you have miserably low commissions and it’s just not very fulfilling. It is a good way to get your feet wet and to have a trickle of extra income, but it’s hard to turn it into a full-fledged business.

What You Need to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

To create a business as an affilate marketer, you need to start with what matters to you as a business owner. I start and end with the customer. I need to know that the products I represent will give value. If I would not offer the product to my family or friends, I will not offer it to a potential customer. You may word your value statement differently, but I assume you feel the same.

Next, you need to become an affilate for the products you like. In some areas, like make money online, it is not so easy to get the ok to market the high quality products. These are ususally protected from the ocean of sleazy marketers and given only to the big, proven names in the field. (Don’t get discouraged, I will tell you a way around this in a bit.)

Once you do become an affilate for a quality product, the real work starts. You need a landing page, a sales funnel, an email responder, email sequences, a sales webinar or some other way to close sales, a way to track everything and a few dozen other pieces to the puzzle. When I tried to get into affiliate marketing on my own, this is about the point where my head exploded.

Here’s the thing. Because of how popular affiliate marketing is, there is a BOATLOAD of information out there. I can guarantee that you could find everything you need to know for free if you have the time and patience to sort through all the garbage and outright B.S. that is out there. But it is exhausting and you’ll hit a lot of big bumps in the road.

(trumpet sounds) Enter a Done for you Solution to a Highly Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

After years of trying, I had all but given up on finding success doing affiliate sales. I was so burnt out on make money online ideas that I unsubscribed from almost all email lists. Really, I just felt that everyone was lying to me and only wanted my money. I don’t think my gut was too far off on that. I did keep on a few lists because I trusted the person and gained value from what they wrote. Somewhere, deep inside, I still held out hope that there was a solution for me.

And then I got the email. Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos, the brilliant minds behind Rapid Crush, were going to start a membership program called Affiliate Triad. (There are those trumpet sounds again.) I literally started shaking while reading through the details.

What is Affiliate Triad?

OK. This is where I won’t hold back. I joke that I talk so excitedly about Rapid Crush and Affiliate Triad that I sound like a new MLM recruit pushing my green juice on everyone who crosses my path. But when you have been in the filthy, dirty trenches and have seen what is out there in the make money online and affiliate marketing world, and then you come across something that is not only genius, but driven by value and integrity, well, you shout about it from the rooftops.

Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos of Rapid Crush have been leaders on affiliate marketing for over a decade.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Triad is a done for you affiliate marketing system. It is not a course or a program to teach you how to be an affiliate marketer. Which is funny because you will learn more here than anywhere else. Jason Fladlien, shares with us his process of creating everything that is given to us. To see, firsthand, how his brain works is priceless. Besides learning about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, making money online, ways to be more productive, I am here to tell you that Jason Fladlien has also pushed me to the peak of personal growth.

The program that Wil and Jason have put together is like nothing else out there. Not even close to anything else. Every month they way overdeliver. The program is growing and evolving and has a big goal of turning affiliate marketing on its head and putting the good guys at the helm. Customer and value-centered affiliate marketing for the win! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that???

What You Get When You Join Affiliate Triad

Every month, Wilson and Jason will choose a product that we will promote. The product will meet their strictest standards of offering a ton of value, coming from a highly reputable source, paying high commissions, and passing the “friends and family test.” (If they wouldn’t offer the product to family, they won’t offer it to you.) The products they chose are winners. Most products that they chose would not be easy for the average Joe affiliate marketer to represent so this is a huge benefit to us little guys.

On top of the product, you get to offer that product with the amazing bonuses that Rapid Crush has become known for. It is now the norm for every affiliate marketer to add on bonuses for anyone who purchases from their link. But 99.99% of the time, the bonuses are worthless. They usually have nothing to do with the product and only serve as distractions. Jason and Wil painstakingly create bonuses that fill in any holes with the product and complement it. A lot of these bonuses are paid out of their pockets. Why? To ensure the buyer’s success with the product. There are many members of Affiliate Triad who found financial success because of Rapid Crush bonuses.

With the product to promote, you also get done for you video sales letters, email swipes, full sales funnels, webinars, and constant support. If you have never created these things on your own, you may not understand how BIG this is. It will save you hours and hours of work. And I can guarantee that your end results would not come close to the expert level of what you receive with Affiliate Triad. The first time I pressed a few buttons and saw my very own sales funnel up, I felt like an absolute superhero!

You also get access to both Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien in a private Slack group. Yup. Read that again. The guys who have earned millions and topped every affiliate leaderboard in recent years, are available to you. That, right there, is worth the cost of admission hundreds of times over.

But wait, there’s more! The Slack group is more than just direct access to Jason and Wilson. You have access to the fastest support team anywhere. Plus, the community of Affiliate Triad members. I cannot say enough good things about this community. There are people from all over, at every level of online success from brand new to seasoned and very successful. Everyone is there to offer help and support on a level I have never seen before. Many times, you will see people refer to Affiliate Triad as their family, and it is because of the Slack group.

Rapid Crush is #1 in Affilate Marketing by a mile

Another huge bonus to joining Affiliate Triad is that you get done for you campaigns in Kartra. Every month, Affiliate Triad will place the new funnels and email swipes directly into your Kartra account. Kartra is an all in one hub for sales funnels, landing pages, lead generation, web hosting, email marketing, list building, and shopping cart. Seperately, all of this would cost hundreds of dollars per month. With Affiliate Triad, you will get Kartra for free.

Plus, if you join through my link, I want to come on board as your accountability partner. Sometimes, we all get so overwhelmed with new things, that it’s hard to take action. Seeing the value and potential of Affiliate Triad to change your life, I won’t let that happen once you make the decision to sign up. I’ll be available and check in with you every week for the first 2 months to make sure you are taking appropriate action and moving forward. Of course, the beauty of Affiliate Triad and the Slack group is that you always have support and a family to push you to do your best. I want you to jump in and be as silly excited about Affiliate Triad as I am! I’ll also be there for you by sharing resources for any particular blocks you face or skills you want to improve. Sign up for the first month risk-free and let’s crush it together!

Is Affiliate Triad for Everyone?

Because I am an idealist, I’d love to say yes. Because I know that anyone could make this system work. But, unfortunately Affiliate Triad is not for everyone.

When Affiliate Triad first opened, a few of the “I’d sell my grandma for a dollar” type of affiliate marketers were in. They were obviously drawn in by the big numbers always associated with Jason’s name. They didn’t stick around for long. Not becuase they couldn’t have made a lot of money, but I think they were turned off by how “pure” and full of integrity it is on the inside. Sadly some people don’t like the idea of putting the customer first and prefer to use black hat (dirty) tactics to make quick sales.

Affiliate Triad is also not for anyone thinking they will cash a big check right after joining. If you are coming in brand new to all of this, it will take a while to get your rhythm and to build a targeted list. That said, many people who started with no formal list, did make sales their first month by reaching out to friends, family, and other contacts. With the quality of products you will be offering, this is a big possibility, I just wouldn’t count on it. Instead, be prepared to take a month or two to get things going. You need to remember, this is not a make money online system, this is a way for you to create a BUSINESS that will bring long term personal and financial success.

Many would also advise that if you have often purchased programs and never followed through, you probably lack the focus needed to create success with Affiliate Triad. On this, I will disagree. I was one of those people. What I discovered is that my lack of success or follow-through had much more to do with the program not lining up with my values and checklist for what is important to me in an online business. Rapid Crush and Affiliate Triad meet my checklist 100% and so I find that for the first time ever, I have not had an issue with follow through and creating the momentum needed for success.

How Much Does Affiliate Triad Cost?

This is not a straight answer. The current price is a surprisingly low $399 per month. Wilson and Jason have said that as they work out the kinks and get everything running completely smoothly, the price will go up every month. Considering that with the products we have promoted so far, with just one sale, you will make well over $1000, not to mention the freebies we have been given, the monthly price should easily be $1000+ and still be a steal.

You have no additional costs once joining unless you decide to do paid advertising of any kind. Everything else is included.

How Can I Join Affiliate Triad?

It is not written in stone, but so far, the doors to Affiliate Triad have been opening for a few days each month. Click HERE and you will be either taken to a sign up for the waiting list or if luck is with you, directly to the sales video and sign up page.

If you chose to skip the webinar and want to go directly to the checkout page, CLICK HERE

What Affiliate Triad Members are Saying

It would be impossible to share all the awesome comments from the private Slack group, so I just grabbed a few.

  • Those who are calling yourselves newbies… fear not.  We might talk about things you don’t know or have no experience with, but over time you will learn… and whether you want to learn or not it matters very little, since the systems will be done for you!– From Wilson Mattos
  • Don’t worry guys. This is honestly the best opportunity I’ve ever seen in the internet marketing space – and I’ve seen pretty much everything. Not only that, but the way it’s being put together is (in my opinion) going to make it quite difficult to fail if you give it an honest try.
  • I am struck by the amount and depth of information.  This is unbelievable.  I’m going to have a flat head from slapping it going “I didn’t know that!”
  • This is the absolute best decision I have ever made to join Affiliate Triad and I am so stocked having @Jason Fladlien and @Wilson Mattos as my business partners, mentors and coaches. This just literally made my day. This program is already rocking and I am just getting started and am totally fired up to get to work promoting and selling it…
  • Wow. This is the best membership group I’ve ever been in and I’ve seen a few over the years.
  • Anybody else feel like jumping, dancing, and breaking into song after listening to this? Wow! At this point, I’m feeling like gaining financial freedom is just a tiny part of what I am and will be getting by being here. Jason and Wil have soooooooooo much that they are giving us and this &_$& is life changing! So happy to be here with all of you
  •  it’s awesome what you’re putting together for us… I’m SO excited to be part of this!
  • Amazing!!     I can’t say enough about the generosity of everyone here.    Thanks
  • Wow. This is the best membership group I’ve ever been in and I’ve seen a few over the years.
  • I think that’s a running feature of RC – that no-one really ever comes close to them, even if they are second place. So, I think we’ve all made the right decision to be a part of the AT phenomenon, haven’t we?

Direct links for Affiliate Triad Webinar and Checkout

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