Best Soul-Centered Online Business Ideas

It’s exciting to start to plan your own online business. It’s also really overwhelming. These last years have seen a huge increase in online business opportunities.

While there are now a lot of really great, solid options for starting an online business for beginners, there is also a lot to steer clear of. I got lost in the trenches for years falling into one bad option after another. I started to think that I just didn’t have what it took for success.

When I finally started finding courses and programs led by people of integrity, things started clicking with me and I soared.

The other huge key was that the courses and instructors lead from the heart, teach you how to do things in ways that line up with your values, and avoid sneaky ways to “beat the system” and make fast money.

This gives you the freedom to relax and focus. Which in turn gives you the ability to learn who you are and how that plays into your new business. It’s flipping empowering! That’s what I want for you. To find something that speaks to you, your values, and your heart.

Keep in mind, that even if it is the best program ever, not every program will be a good match for you. On the flip side, you may find that more than one program speaks to you. This is wonderful!

I always love the idea of having diverse ways to make money. Just do yourself a favor. choose one and only one to start with. Go at it 100%. Listen to your joy, your sparks, and follow that.

Go ahead and start exploring to see what speaks to you. There is no one perfect choice. Don’t put that pressure on yourself.

Each one of these business models can lead to success if it lights you up. By simply choosing one, feeling good about it, and taking all kinds of action, you will get to exactly where you need to be. Sitting around for days or weeks overthinking this will only have you going in circles.

What you’ll notice is that the focus of each and every one of these business options is YOU. You need to bring your values, your ideas, your voice and uniqueness to the business.

So often, we think that starting a business online is about learning new software and techniques. Nope. It’s about learning who you are, going deep, working daily on your mindset, and growth, growth, growth.

If you go into this just chasing money or desperate for success, you’ll end up frustrated because it will be a constant uphill and exhausting journey.

I had to learn this lesson the long and hard way. It wasn’t until I took the focus off of being successful, that I became successful. Ohhhh….. That’s good. And the truest words I could speak.

So, are you ready?

create and sell printables

Create and Sell Printables

Why? This is a low-risk, low start-up online business that allows you to tap into your creativity. Whether that is coming up with fun niches to create products for or really digging into the design. Along the way, you’ll discover more about who you are and find ways to really connect with and offer value to your audience. So much room for growth!

make and sell digital planners

Make and Sell Digital Planners

Why? This one stands out from the others. While the program does teach you to create digital planners and many students find their success with that, the bigger piece here is gaining confidence, discovering your zone of genius, and soaring into your own business from there. This program makes my soul sing and gets my top recommendation.

create and sell ecourses

Create and Sell Online Courses

Why? Because this is another great way to really discover your voice and who it is you can help. It also allows you to slowly and gently test the waters and make your first sales with low-ticket items. By doing so, you gain confidence in yourself and the process plus you start gaining the respect of customers who will be ready to spend more with you. There is also a lot of room to grow and branch out.

design and sell print on demand products

Learn to Design and Sell Print on Demand Products

Designing and selling print-on-demand items is soooo much fun. Well, if you love creating. This option has low start-up costs and is low risk. But it does require a lot of initial work. There is a lot of competition so you need to go in with a strong commitment and willingness to stick with it even when no sales come pouring in right away.

start a profitable blog

Start a Profitable Blog

Why? Because starting a blog has very low startup cost and a lot of room to grow and expand into other things. It’s a perfect way to discover your voice and your ideal audience and will really empower you to take bigger steps as your confidence grows.

create and sell low content books

Create and Sell Low Content Books

This is a great option due to low start-up costs, no risk, and the ability to use your creativity and really find your own niches. The downside is that it has become very competitive with many people hoping to make quick money. If you are willing to commit to creating and laying the groundwork, you will see results and find a lot of room to branch out and grow.

Are There More Options for Starting an Online Business?

Yes, there are endless options for starting an online business, and more coming every day. I am in no way saying that the small set of options I have listed here are the only ones. What I am doing is taking top options in certain areas or niches that I know are rock solid.

What do I mean by that? I mean that they will give you everything you need to succeed from the resources, tools and instrucion to the support and community. These are programs that are not about the hype of making money online nor are they simply money makers for the course creators. They have proven results, successful students, and have ongoing support.

Put even more simply: They are safe. And safe gives you the ability to put all your energy into taking action and gaining your confidence step by step.

These are also programs that allow you to be YOU. You get to put your own, unique twist on them and create and grow a business that is YOU centered. While that business grows, so will you.

You may find that this is exactly the business for you. Or, you may find that this was only your first step as you get into your groove and naturally step into the next chapter based on this first big boost of confidence and growth.

You may also find that you find ways to combine many of these businnesses based on what clicks with you. There is a lot of overlap to be found in this little list and lots of room to take inspired action that may lead you to somewhere you never imagined. With low start-up costs and plenty of room to experiment, this list is your jumping off point into the online business world.

None of this is about dudes flashing wads of cash as they pose in front of mansions and sports cars. If you’ve been lost in that world while trying to find the best online business options for you, go take a quick shower and wash all that off. Then come back, fresh, and ready to do this your way, with heart, soul, and a boatload of integrity.

how do you find the perfect online businss? Follow the sparks
how do you find the perfect online business? start with your heart

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