Top Mindset Books and Resources for Mental Warriors

Getting serious about mindset is probably the most important thing you can do. I spent many years feeling so damn defeated that I avoided all things personal growth. Thank goodness, that by taking one leap of faith, it led me to the resources I so badly needed to finally wake up and see that there was a reason I was avoiding personal growth. I had been completely unaware that …

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This Site Was Created Specifically for You (and Here’s Why)

impossible is just an opinion

I was on a webinar recently and the presenter asked how long everyone had been trying to find success with online business. I was blown away when the vast majority of answers were 10 years or more! On one hand, it was great to learn that I as not alone in my long journey. But, it also made me mad. With all the great opportunities and resources available, there …

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5 Things I Want to Help You With

Right to the point: My blog exists because I want to help you realize that your dreams are legitimate and you already have everything inside of you to leap forward and create a successful online business. You’ve spent your life talking yourself out of your dreams, allowing others to roll their eyes at your big ideas, and living a life that really is no reflection of your true spirit. …

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How to Adapt to Change? Have a Backup Plan

image of beach with text "if the plan doesn't work, change the plan, not the goal"

And Just Like That, The World Shut Down I had a moment yesterday. As my 5 year old would say, “I had all the feels, baby!”  Here in Cozumel, we are in the magical little window where the nights get cool and the mosquitoes are still lying dormant. This allows us plenty of beautiful outside time without stressing from the heat and worrying about swatting at mosquitoes. So, last night, …

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9 Daily Productivity Hacks That Work Instantly

You know things are bad when you are buried in so many tasks and to-dos that you can’t find the time to learn how to become more productive. Besides being too busy, I’m also stubborn. I had several people highly recommend a productivity book to me and I was so certain it wouldn’t help me that I didn’t even bother to try. Can Productivity Hacks Even Work? I could …

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Mindset & Buying Make Money Online Programs

I’m terrible at remembering jokes and stories, but that doesn’t stop me from retelling them.  Have you heard the saying that says something like, I’ll stay up all night, unable to sleep, as I think of ways to hold on to my last $100. Or any $100. But I won’t spend 2 minutes thinking of how to make $1000.  That’s the mind for you. It loves to latch onto …

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