Create and Sell Online Courses as a Way to Give Value and Solve Problems

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Under the big blanket of Information Products is a great option for finding your way to a heart and soul-centered online businsess: learning to sell online courses created by you. Selling info products sounds a bit dull, really. It might also sound like something all the slick internet marketers say is quick, easy money. Most of them will tell you that you don’t even have to know anything about anything to write a book or create a course. Let’s step away (or better yet, run away) from the “create shit products with slick marketing to take advantage of desperate people looking for answers” and look at how creating and selling information products and e-courses can actually be pretty darn awesome and for both you and your customers.

Why Would I Want to Create and Sell Online Courses?

Ohhhhh, great question! I know it sure doesn’t sound exciting, but learning to make and sell online courses can open up a whole new world to you. If jumping in and creating a course feels way too intimidating to you, you can scale back and start with an ebook. If you are just getting started online and need to prove that you can actually make money, selling info products is a great place to start.

If you have a little traction going already, creating info products can supercharge your results. You could use your info products as lead magnets to grow your list or use them to gain credibility in your niche. Whether you sell them or give them away, they will help your business to grow. They will also allow you to really find your voice and discover what resonates with the audience you want to attract. You may start off thinking that your expertise is one thing but find that people are really drawn to something else that you say or do.

why create info products?

What Exactly is An Info Product?

An info product is any form of a digital product that solves a problem, answers a question, or teaches something. It can be a simple pdf, an ebook, a video or series of videos, or a course among many other options.

When someone does an online search they want an answer. If you are able to create a simple, to-the-point product that resolves their problem quickly, you have provided huge value.

Do People Still Pay for Online Courses and Info Products?

There is free information everywhere you look these days. Which is great if you have the time and patience to sort through all of it. But when you have a pressing issue, wouldn’t you much rather pay a few dollars to have a concise answer in one place and be done with it? I know I would and I do quite often.

Some things I can find quick answers to on YouTube, but even then it takes weeding through the low-quality info first. And then piecing the info together and avoiding all the giant rabbit holes. More and more often, I just don’t have the time.

Recently, I purchased some Canva training and there is certainly no lack of good Canva training available for free. But I wanted to have it organized, to the point, and available for easy reference. There is also a bit more a a push to actually follow through when you lay out money for a course.

Do I Need To Be an Expert to Sell Info Products and Online Courses?

You 100%, most definitely do not need to be any kind of an expert to make and sell info products. You will need to have the ability to do proper research though. You can certainly write about topics that you love and are already experienced in, but there are ways to quickly uncover the information you need on any topic.

I’ll be honest. I get really annoyed when I see these get-rich-quick courses telling you to pretend to be an expert in something you know nothing about. That is not what I’m talking about here. You will actually use not being an expert to your advantage. How? By being relatable and easily understood.

Have you ever wanted to learn something new and the person teaching you is a mega-uber-super expert and you just feel defeated from the get-go? You feel like you are too far behind and will never catch up. Or, you can’t even understand what is being taught because the teacher is on such a higher level than you? There is a huge advantage to learning something from someone who has just learned the info themselves. Not only is it fresh in their mind, but they know where you are and how to get from there to the end goal.

How Can I Get Started Making and Selling Info Products and Online Courses?

Well….. you can search YouTube videos…. or get straight to it with a quality course. Years back, I had purchased a couple of different courses because I was able to see the potential of this business model…. but I didn’t take action. The courses were ok but were missing something.

It wasn’t until last year that I was introduced to Leonie Dawson that my eyes opened wide to the possibilities of creating my own courses. I see now what those other courses I purchased were missing for me and it was ME. The focus had been all about looking for those desperate people and wording everything just so in order to get them to hit the buy now button.

It’s the ol’ “follow this formula to trick people into buying from you” game and I’m over it.

Leonie is so wonderfully refreshing and sweary and out there that it was like wiping the slate clean of all the internet marketing guru yuck and starting fresh. And inviting myself and my sparks to the party!

Her course, 40 days to Create and Sell Your e-Course is something to get giddy about! This is much more than a do this, do that type of course. It’s both fun and actionable. The 40-day timeline is just enough to push you without being so scary that you run and hide under the covers. She covers everything from coming up with ideas to all the technical stuff that holds many of us back.

If creating courses sounds too big or too intimidating, she also covers exactly how to create less itimidatig info products such as ebooks. The idea is to stretch yourself but not scare yourself so much that you don’t take action. Start where your soul tells you to.

Time to Press the Button

So, I guess that was my long-winded way of saying that if you are serious about diving into making and selling info products, I highly recommend Leonie and her course. I go over more info about what each module covers in my review which you can read HERE. If you want to get a feel for some of the steps and tips of product creation, you can see my Top 6 Tips here.

But, if you want the best source of info, and to fully understand and get excited about the possibilties, push the big, shiny button below to see what Leonie is all about and decide if you are ready to take the leap into her course.


Leonie has recently changed to charging individually for each of her programs and has created and all-access pass for a yearly price of just $99. Considering that the 40 Days to Create and Sell Your E-Course sold for $197, this is amazing. One year is more than enough time to take full advantage of the courses in there.

P.S. I do not believe in tacking on a lot of fluff bonuses that will only distract you. I will, however, offer to be available to you for your first month of action taking through weekly check-ins and gentle nudges. I know how helpful it is to have someone understand what you are doing and give feedback, answer questions, or just listen as you bounce around ideas. When you sign up, just send an email to and we will work out a schedule.

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