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It can be so overwhelming when starting off online. Let me help you with some free ebooks and workbooks that may be just what you need to get your online journey going. Some are for gathering ideas of what is even possilble and seeing what cicks with you. There are also resources for those who have started something but may need a push to get over a hurdle. Check back often, or sign up for my email list to know when new resources are available.

Free Resources to Discover Options for an Online Business

  • Easy Income Streams: Low Content Publishing
  • 23 Tips to Start Your Own Information Business Today
  • The Greatest Online Business Model (Amazon reverse wholesale)

Free Resources to Start and Grow Your Online Business

  • 1K in 30 Days: How to Build a List of 1000 Subscribers in 1 Month
  • Roadmap to Find Your Who: 3 Part workbook to discover your voice and define your ideal customer

Find your Who

Find Your Who free pdf 3 part workbook pinterest image

This is 3 workbooks that will guide you to your ideal customer. Part one is my favorite. Based on an exercise from The Unite Challenge, you will unover your superpower.

This is such an empowering exercise, especially when we often get lost in the crowded online world and start believing that there is nothing special about us. I struggled through this at first, not finding it easy to think of positive ways to describe myself. By sticking with it, I came out the other side wearing a cape! I know you will too.

Part two will guide you to find and confidently use your own, unique voice. If you want to grow your business, you need authentic connection. Discover how awesome you are and feel great about speaking in your own voice instead of putting on a mask of how you think you should present yourself.

Part 3 takes it all home and uses the awesomeness you discovered in parts one and two to then hone in on who you actually want to be serving. Get all 3 workbooks HERE.

1K in 30 Days: How to Build a List of 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days

You need a list. You also need to remember that your list is made of people. Real people. People who you need to connect to and give real value. This guide and worksheets will help you to grow your list to at least 1000 engaged subscribers in 30 days or less. You can find it HERE.

Create Multiple Income Streams: Low Content Publishing

image of ebook Easy Income Streams: low content publishing

Low content publishing is just another way of saying digital downloads. This market is booming right now! There are so many niches and products to create that the opportunities really are endless.

A great reason to dive in here is because it has a low learning curve and very little start-up cost. This is also good if you are simply looking for a little extra cash but can be scaled to BIG, life-changing income. I find that the online community of low content publishers is generally very helpful and kind.

Download Your Copy HERE

23 Tips To Start Your Own Information Business Today

Top Tips to Start Your Own Info Business Today

I used to yawn anyone mentioned creating info products for money. Sounding so boring and dull. But, when you dive in, creating info products is actually quite exciting. This is another low cost start-up and easy to start with limited time.

Many people think that with all the free info available on places like Youtube, paid info products would be a dying industry. Quite the opposite. Probably because of the mountains of free info, people who really need a solution are quite happy to pay for a direct answer to their need or problem. I know I am over and over again.

There are infinite ideas and audiences for every topic you can imagine, as well as different ways to package your information. Once you get started with this, you´ll see why I get so excited now!

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The Greatest Online Business Model (Amazon Reverse Wholesale)

book titel The world's greatest online business model

That’s quite a title, huh? I didn’t quite believe it at first, but now I’ve seen it at work. The model is a paint by numbers formula for reverse wholesaling on Amazon that takes away almost all the risk. It also scales quickly and to huge numbers. And, after the initial elbow grease, it takes very little time. This model does take a substantial cash investment to get going, so that can definitely be a downside.

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