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Find your Who

Find Your Who free pdf 3 part workbook pinterest image

This is 3 workbooks that will guide you to your ideal customer. Part one is my favorite. Based on an exercise from The Unite Challenge, you will unover your superpower.

This is such an empowering exercise, especially when we often get lost in the crowded online world and start believing that there is nothing special about us. I struggled through this at first, not finding it easy to think of positive ways to describe myself. By sticking with it, I came out the other side wearing a cape! I know you will too.

Part two will guide you to find and confidently use your own, unique voice. If you want to grow your business, you need authentic connection. Discover how awesome you are and feel great about speaking in your own voice instead of putting on a mask of how you think you should present yourself.

Part 3 takes it all home and uses the awesomeness you discovered in parts one and two to then hone in on who you actually want to be serving.