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Great news! Tailwind, has a new pricing schedule that includes a FOREVER FREE version! The free version is enough to get you started AND it can be used with both Pinterest and Instagram. And it allows you to take advantage of group boards! The Pro Version is now just 9.99/month so keep that in mind for the future. For now, sign up for the free version.

Free Course: Pinterest Rank Boost. Learn how to get your pins ranking in search results (Pinterest SEO) so you can get consistent long-term traffic!
Free Course; 2021 Pinterest Strategy Guide. Don’t let algorithm changes get you down! Grow your account by giving Pinterest what it really wants in 2021.
Rays of Light gratitude tracker
Gratitude Tracker
You pick and chose who you want to listen to. 100% recommended. No need to purchase anything. Just sign up.
While I do recommend the full paid course, I started with this mini FREE course and if you are short on funds, it is a good resource to get you going.

If you don’t have a link page, you should make one. The above was created with a free Wordress plugin Link Pages. For a free-standing page, Launch Links is FREE and has some great features.
variety of weekly to-do lists to use alone
or in your planner
Step-by-step create a money-making membership site
canva 101 workshop
Free Canva 101 Workshop
free design library click here
Incredible vault of 100+ free canva templates and tutorials
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Get FREE access to 550+ high quality stylized stock photos
image of planner printable
2 page project planner
7 free canva templates for social media posts