How to Adapt to Change? Have a Backup Plan

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And Just Like That, The World Shut Down

I had a moment yesterday. As my 5 year old would say, “I had all the feels, baby!” 

Here in Cozumel, we are in the magical little window where the nights get cool and the mosquitoes are still lying dormant. This allows us plenty of beautiful outside time without stressing from the heat and worrying about swatting at mosquitoes. So, last night, my kids asked if we could go up on the roof to watch the sunset. 

Since the sun was just beginning to reflect colors into the clouds, the three of us laid on our backs and watched the clouds create shapes in the sky. The breeze was perfect and we were all enjoying the moment.

And it hit me.

One year ago… how I picked the kids up from school and took all their belongings home with us. And how out of nowhere, we couldn’t have playdates. Or soccer practice. We couldn’t go to the grocery store. We couldn’t even walk one block down to the ocean and hunt for sea glass as was our nightly habit. Police cars drove past night and day announcing in a creepy old movie sound that we had to stay in our homes. 

Other than my solo trip once every two weeks to the grocery store, I didn’t leave the house. And my kids never did.

So there we were, in our tiny little house, learning to adapt to something we had never imagined. 

Up on the roof last night, I could so strongly see the “before and after.”

A year ago, the roof become our escape. We climbed up every night for the fresh breeze, the feeling of space and openness, to scan the empty streets, to peek over at the ocean, and to find a new form of happiness. 

We made up games, had rooftop dinner picnics, special rooftop desserts, and learned to really relish the changing colors of the sunset before we had to go back inside. 

Last night, I was flooded with feelings of sadness and loss but also of joy and happiness. And awe. Awe at how we all got through this. We all found our way. 

Creating New Paths

We lost our restaurant which was on every level our second home. It’s where we ate together, hung out with visiting friends, had unforgettable birthday parties, and where we watched the kids grow.

We shed tears. We felt lost and full of panic as we faced a closed-down island with no way to find a new source of income. We watched everyone around us experience a range of emotions and difficulties and challenges. For an island that depends on tourists, seeing the empty cruise ship piers day after day is a constant reminder of how many people around us are struggling.

And yet, we all got through. We created new paths, new ways of being and doing. It’s quite amazing, really, Our resilience. 

If you have a chance today, pull up your photos. Look for that line of the “before” photos and the “after.” Allow yourself to be awed at how flipping amazing you are. Celebrate you. Celebrate resilience.

Here is the photo that creates the divide in time for me. My beautifully adaptable babies who decided the second lockdown started, there was no reason to get dressed ever again. Haha. It was all about life in the moment, leaning on each other, and soaking up those sunsets. 

They didn’t focus on all the things they could no longer do. They just moved on to plan B. Learning a new rhythm to life, keeping busy in dozens of new ways, helping me stumble through homeschooling, and really embracing life in underwear.

image of night sky with quote

The Importance of a Backup Plan

I feel like I need to add an extra little note here. Have a backup plan. No matter your job or how secure you think you are, create a backup plan. Brainstorm ways that you could create a little stream of side income. If you want to go bigger, all the better, but at least start with a little stream. Worst (or best?) case scenario, you won’t need it so it will be a bonus for you to take a long vacation or just go out to dinner more often. But should life throw a big curveball your way, you’ll be in a position to have the breathing room you need to get back on track. There is so much comfort, security, pride and just kick-ass-edness that comes with having your own little side business. You deserve all of that.

If you don’t know where to start, I would be happy to chat, listen, and brainstorm with you. I am so grateful that before all this crazy hit, I had started working on my backup plan. Luckilly, I had weeded through the toughest part so I was ready for go mode once the virus hit the fan. Of course, I wish I had hit go mode much earlier and that’s what I also want for you.

I cannot even imagine where I would be today if I didn’t have my backup plan.

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So, keep your big dreams and goals in sight. Keep doing what you are doing. Just be realistic and know that life is unpredictable.

Take the extra step to be your own backup plan and find an online income stream. You can start with this ebook download that discusses 3 very different online business models.

Maybe one will immediately click with you or maybe they will just start the wheels spinning. There are so many different and awesome ways to legitimately make money online. I’m excited for you to start the journey and embrace the kick-assedness of having your own little (or BIG) business!

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