How to Create an Info Product: 6 Top Tips to Create Info Products that Sell

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Why do I love creating info products? Let me count the ways! With the current state of the world, more and more people are searching for answers online. Even with boatloads of free information available, Forbes predicts the sale of info products to be near 1 billion dollars a day by 2025. Woah! Sounds like the perfect time to learn how to create an info product, doesn’t it? Besides that jaw-dropping number, learning to create info products is simply a great and positive way to start your own online business.

  • There is little to no risk on your part.
  • Very minimal start-up costs
  • Endless niches and topics for product creation
  • A large variety of product types to create and sell
  • The perfect way to build your online confidence with your first sales
  • Can easilly be scaled to a six-figure business
  • Plenty of room to add your unique voice and gain an audience
  • Something you can take pride in!

6 Tips on How to Create an Info Product That Sells

Create Info Products for Online Income

Tip #1: Don’t get greedy.

When you are starting your information business, you need to create low-ticket, entry point level information. Stick to under $20 and play around with really low ticket like $7. Why? Like I said in the intro, there is a LOT of free info out there. You want to create solutions at a low pricepoint that people will not have to sit and think about. You want to make hitting the “buy” button a complete no-brainer. Remember also that right now, nobody knows you. It’s hard for someone with no track record to ask for the big bucks. So, start with simple products at a low price point. This will get you sales and (hopefully) happy customers who come back for more and are happy to refer you to friends. From here, you will gain testimonials and a track record to start warranting higher prices. Once people see the quality that you offer, they will be happy to pay you more. One other bonus to starting off low-ticket is it is a great way to build your confidence and see that, hey! This really does work.

Tip #2: Use the Power of Instant Gratification

The strongest appeal you can use when creating low ticket, entry-level information is instant gratification. For example, if you have a toothache, which dentist would you rather go to- The one that can fix you in two weeks or the one that can do it right away? This is another bonus for you because there is no need to create War and Peace here. You want to create a simple, to-the-point product that will quickly provide the easy to do a solution that your customer wants. If someone can go through your product in one sitting and see results within a day, you’ve created a happy customer.

Tip #3: Narrow Your Focus

I know, I know. You want to help everyone. But I am here to tell you that in order to eventually help the masses, you first need to narraw down. Way, way down. Whenever you find yourself getting stubborn about this and wanting to go wide, remember, Amazon started off selling just books. Seriously, remember that. That way you understand that everyone needs to start small and you can still dream and plan for the day you can go big.

Going narrow is also a great way to get a name for yourself in a certain topic. Just like a specialized doctor, you want to create a product for a very specific market or on a very specific topic. This will make everything easier- easier traffic, easier conversions, and an easier path to those higher price points. Win-win-win!!!

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How To Create an Info Business

Tip #4: Use Amazon for Research

Start with a broad category. Go to the Amazon Best Seller book list. Then go into a category within your broad search category. And then go into a category within the sub-category. (This is your friendly reminder to not forget tip #3.) When you see a book that looks interesting, take a look inside and hone in on one single chapter. This is what you are going to create your product around.

Tip #5: Leverage Someone Else’s Knowledge

You’d be suprised at how eager topic experts are to share their knowledge, espeically if you offer to pay a small fee. Set up a time to interview them and Boom! you have all the information you need without having to do the research yourself. This is also a great way to leverage their authority and tap into their audience. Bonus!

Tip #6: Tap into The Three Dominant Motivators

What motivates us? Empowerment, achievement, and connection. So, the product you create needs to speak to this; Here’s how this will empower you…. Here’s what you’ll be able to accomplish…. Here’s how this will bring you closer with….

Your goal with your info products is to create real solutions that people feel. If someone can come away from your simple, focused solution to their very specific problem and they feel empowered in some way, you won a fan.

Are You Ready to Create Your First Info Product?

These six tips are just the tip of the iceberg! If you are getting that zip-zappy tingling in your belly because this sounds like something you’d like to try your hand at, I’d love to invite you to one of my all time favorite programs. It is Product eClass and I go into lots of detail about it in this earlier post and also here.

In a nutshell, you will learn a simple step-by-step system for creating quality information products along with ways to market and scale your business. My favorite piece of this program is the one product-one sitting technique that shows you how to create a product from start to finish in just two hours. What? What? If you are an overthinker like me and take forever and a day to just chose your product topic, this module alone will change your life. You will learn amazing productivity hacks that give you the swift kick in the tush to finally, FINALLY, start and finish something and do it fast. I’m telling you it is liberating! And talk about a confidence booster! Instead of beating yourself up for not being able to see something through, you will be celebrating victory after victory of completed info products!

Oh, and you’ll start seeing money come in too!

I know that creating info products doesn’t sound as sleek and sexy as other ways to make money online, but I’m telling you, that this business is where it is at. There is so much room for growth and creativity and it is such an amazing way to find your way online and create a solid business.

Your next step, is to head over HERE and watch a video that will tell you everything you need to know. Then, sign on the dotted line, jump up and down with excitement, and get creating! Everything you need is included in the program, along with some awesome bonuses. I’d also like to offer a little extra hand-holding. If you sign up with my link, drop me a note ( and tell me where your weak spots are. Let me know how I can best show up as your accountability buddy and we’ll create a plan to make sure you get moving on this.

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  1. Wow, this sounds really interesting. I always think about making a course, but it feels hard to know what to do. I’ll check out your link here. Thanks!

    • You are not alone in finding it hard to know what to do. That is the beauty of this course because you learn to make quick decisions and take fast action without getting lost in thinking and overwhelm of ideas. After the core training of creating products, there is a special module on creating courses which you will love.


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