How To Find The Perfect Online Business

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I’m hoping to catch some of you before you lose years analyzing, overthinking, and searching for the perfect online business to start. It’s a trap that nearly everyone falls into.

Since even the idea of starting an online business is out of your comfort zone, friends and family think you are crazy, and you are going into unfamiliar territory, you put a lot of pressure on yourself to pick THE perfect online business for you right out of the gate. You think that X may be a good option. So you research, you read dozens and dozens of reviews and testimonials, you look into courses, watch Youtube videos, and do everything you can to fill your head with important facts.

In the end, you are so overwhelmed with information that it is impossible to make a decision. So, you move on to a different option. Aaaaand go through the same process.

Let’s say that at some point, you decide to just go for it. You chose a business option and you dive into training. But in your mind you are still wondering if this is THE perfect online business for you. You are still on dozens of email lists for other options and, boy! They sure do make you think that those other options may be better for you. And easier! And faster!

So….. your focus and drive fizzle out and you decide that you failed at that kind of business. Aaaaand the process starts again. You research, you analyze and you look for THE perfect onine business.

Do you know how I know you do this? Because I did it. Because I was on a webinar not long ago and the question was asked “How long have you been trying to make something work online?” and the vast majority of answers were 10+ years. A decade or more of searching for the perfect business!

Even after you convince yourself that you have indeed found THE perfect business, you then get lost in trying to find THE perfect course or program to get going with that business.

Follow Your Joy to The Perfect Online Business

Ok, enough! Do you want to know once and for all how to find the perfect online business for you? You sniff out your joy and take action. Hmmmm? What?

how do you find the perfect online business? start with your heart

I promise I am not getting all rainbows and unicorns on you. As trite as it sounds to “follow your joy,” it is not a fast and easy solution. Actually, it is almost 100% guaranteed that by following your joy, you will dive into many businesses that are NOT perfect for you.

But here’s the thing: action in the direction of joy is never wasted. Never. Sitting for hours at your computer overanalyzing things, talking yourself out of opportunities, trudging through something because it seems perfect on paper– this is wasting your time. Those ten years I spoke of above? Yeah.

Do you want magic? Follow your joy. When you look over the different ways that you could start an online business, what one gave you the fippity dips in your gut? What set off a little spark? That’s where you start.

Every online business model has the potential for success. So stop analyzing. Does it speak to you? That’s all that matters.

No, no, no. I am not saying that you are now guaranteed success in that business. Sometimes that first gut instinct will lead you to the exact business for you. Not often. What will happen is that you will be lit up. You will be excited. You will find it easy to take action and move forward. And because of this, you will be open and receptive to other things that come your way. And those things will indeed lead you to the perfect business, the perfect place for you. Guaranteed.

When you are working from a place of joy, that is when the magic happens. Other opportunities that you would have never imagined suddenly surface and you take notice. When you are trudging through a program that does not gie you joy but you are trying to force it to be THE one, you would not even notice those perfect opportunities if they fell onto your head. But when you are in your zone of joy, you will notice them AND act on them. You won’t force yourself to keep going with what isn’t working, but instead follow the new path.

Look at anyone who is successful. I don’t mean that they are making a lot of money. I mean they are making money and giddily happy with life. They are lit up and excited about what they do. They got there by jumping into things that gave them joy and seeing when a new and different opportunity opened up, and taking action on that.

I hope this is speaking to you. Starting an online business can be such a mind game. With all the options, all the bad info, the scams, the lack of support… it’s hard. But I don’t want you to think that this means that you have to struggle every single day to just get motivated to do what you are “supposed” to do.

how do you find the perfect online businss? Follow the sparks

What Comes Next After You Decide On a Business?

The second piece to this puzzle is getting started. Which course or program do you start with? I also used to think that there was just one absolutely perfect course out there for me. I would lose days, weeks, months trying to pin down which one it was. Every time I did decide, I would go in always afraid I made the wrong choice. Sadly, there really are a lot of crap programs out there. And with copywriting and fancy funnels, it is hard to know who is actually just trying to take your money and who is legitimately hoping to help you grow.

I very, very, VERY carefully chose courses that will give you everything you need to follow your sparks. They are courses that you can hit the pay button and breathe a sigh of releif knowing that your job now is to focus on taking action. You don’t have to be lookng over your shoulder or wondering if the course is legit.

These are courses that will allow you to create a foundation without feeling forced to do everything exactly as someone else does. There is room for your uniqueness and room to discover who you are. Because a huge part of starting an onine business is discovering who you are. And you can do that by starting a blog, by selling on Amazon, by creating planners, or by any other online business model. Follow one. Just one to start with. And sign up, fully committed to a course or program. A GOOD one.

A good course, a spark in your soul, and some action. That is your formula.

Having been in way too many bad courses, I can tell you that they just sap your energy, slow your growth, and leave you doubting your abilities. If you know of a good course, dive in now, If you don’t want to get lost in figuring out what ones are good and what ones to avoid, just go with one that I have suggested. Each one has been chosen with a reason. So, please, toss the idea of the PERFECT course out and just know that you only need a GOOD one.

If you had a nice Ah-ha and are ready to see what gets you excited, head over to THIS PAGE and read up on some of the very best jumping-off points for the start of your online business journey. And remember, journeys are supposed to be fun and filled with excitement and wonder.

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