How To Sell on Amazon and Make Money

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When you get the itch to learn to make money online through your own, home-based business, it is so exciting! It is also very, very overwhelming. There are so many different ways to make money. My best advice is to focus on those that are helping you to create a solid, long-term BUSINESS. Side hustles are fine if you are only looking for some quick cash or to test the waters. But a business should be your goal.

How to Sell on Amazon and Make Money
How to Sell on Amazon and Make Money and love what you do

One of the very best opportunities out there is becoming a seller on Amazon. But even that gets overwhelming. There is certainly no shortage of courses and programs that will teach you how to sell on Amazon and make money doing so. Many programs are overly simplified and really no more than a collection of things learned from YouTube videos. Others jump on trends and tend to create problems along the way.

For example, the going trend for a while has been courses teaching you to create your own private label products to sell on Amazon. Admittely, there are many benefits to this model, and the sky is the limit for the amount of money you can make. BUT this is not the place to start. For one, the investment you need to make is HUGE. There is also a big investment of time because of the process of testing and then manufacturing your own product. And then the risk. It is a huge risk to invest in hundreds of units of something new and not know the outcome.

On one other level, there is risk because of the large number of people sold on this model over the years. Sadly, ugly tactics have become the norm to take down the “competition” and grow a brand. It is similar to what I say about affiliate marketing. With so many people drawn to it, the focus becomes on money, money, money and there is a feeling of scarcity: Anyone else selling is my competition and if they make money, I can’t. Of course, this is not true, but once that mindset takes over, the ugly games also take over.

What Is the Best Way to Start to Sell on Amazon?

While it does sound romantic and sexy to create your very own products and have your own brand, let’s put that on the back burner for now. Let’s instead flip to something that sounds painfully ho-hum and uninteresting: wholesale. (I’ll wait while you get your yawn out.) Maybe if we say it in a breathy voice “wwwhhhhoooolessssaaaallle.” OK, all kidding aside, there is a simple reverse wholesale formula that allows just about anybody to get started selling on Amazon by following the well-outlined steps. The kicker is that, if you follow the formula, you can start making money on Amazon pretty much risk-free. You don’t see that term tossed around much in this kind of business, but it’s true.

what if you could make money selling on amazin while adding value

And you know what? It actually is kind of fun. Well, as long as you go into it with the right mindset. If you think that in one day of studying, you will learn to sell on Amazon and make money immediately, you probably will be disappointed. This forumula can only be fun if you go into it knowing that you will have to put some effort into finding the brands that you will represent. You will get plenty of no’s and could easilly get discouraged. But, if you see others succeding and keep your eye on the target of finding the exact brands that NEED you, you will enjoy the process and have major success.

Now, for the icing on the cake. Using this formula, not only will you make boatloads of money, but you will be helping small, possibly struggling businesses to grow. And you can literally change their lives. Whoa! How’s that for a bonus?

Even better, you get to chose exactly what type of business you want to represent and help to grow. Women owned, minority, ex-military, or simply someone who you feel a connection with or agree with their mission statement. You are in complete control here.

I know Amazon gets a bad rap and there really are lots of reasons to hate it, but when you go small and look at the real people relying on it to grow their business, your perpspective will change. Especially when you can reach in a give them a lifeline.

Are you ready to learn more? I want to get you started with a video from a friend of mine who actually started on Amazon selling private label and has pivoted to wholesale. It was actually a lengthy talk, so here are two pieces of it.

Roberta is a 7 figure Amazon seller. Here she discusses why you should start selling using the wholesale model.
My friend, Roberta, discusses how she started and scaled her Amazon business and WHY she did.

Ok, ok so How do I Learn to Sell on Amazon and Make Money????

Ok, so you read through my post, you watched the videos. You probably want to find out a bit more. You can find more videos from Amazon sellers HERE.

book on table "the world's greatest online business model"

You can download a free e-book that will answer many of your questions and explain more about the wholesale model and process. I used to laugh at the title, but now I’m like, “Heck, yeah!”

And, for those of you who are ready to jump in and learn every last detail, you can sign up to be notified the very second that our next live webinar will take place. If you do your lucky dance first, you may arrive at the page that will take you directly to a webinar sign up or replay. If not, just sign up for the wait list and work on your lucky dance.

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