Learn to Make Digital Planners: An In-Demand and Fun Online Business that Will Lead to So Much More

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Why Make Digital Planners?

How can learning to make a digital planner transform into a soul-centered, intuitive business? What a juicy question. But before I get to that yumminess, let’s start with the basics. The what and why of digital planners.

Digital planners are just starting to gain popularity and are set to explode over the next few years. Why? Ohhhh! So many reasons! For anyone who loves (or is obsessed with) planners, you know that search for the perfect planner. You’ll find one that has most of what you want but is always missing some vital pieces. Another has those vital pieces but is missing others. One you actually love what it contains, but the design isn’t your style. And even when you do find a great one, you always wish it had more.

Oh…. and then when you do get it, you realize that you’ll need to lug it around everywhere if you want to always have your info at the ready. Boo.

Sound the trumpets because here comes a digital planner to the rescue! Take every little detail from all of your favorite planners, roll them all together, make it 100 times more incredible and convenient, and you have your digital planner.

A digital planner can have absolutely anything and everything you need. The very best part is that everything is hyperlinked so there is no more flipping through pages trying to find the month calendar or your to-do list. Just click the hyperlink tab and viola! You can also have all those fun and useful extras like journal pages, a zillion stickers, vision boards, habit trackers, goal setting, and on and on. What you really don’t want, you can just remove. You can move pages around. You can write in all kinds of beautiful colors. And you can easily carry it around with you.

Can I Make Money Selling Digital Planners?

Oh yes! This is a screenshot of the first listings that come up for a digital planner search on Etsy.

Learn how to create and sell your own digital planners!

Is it Hard to Make Digital Planners?

image of digital planner

It can be quite intimidating figuring out how to make your first digital planner. These planners can have a dozen+ sections and well over 10,000 hyerlinks. Eek!

But, just like anything new, you simply need to step back and take things one tiny step at a time. If you focus on the big, perfect end result, you will become overwhelmed and quickly lose confidence.

That’s exactly why so many people struggle so much to get an online business going. They focus on every tool and program that needs to be learned. And feel like they need to go from zero to perfection in one step.

A perfect recipe for giving up.

This is where a top quality, step by step program along with a supportive group will take you miles past where you would normally get on your own.

I’ve found some really wonderful courses that will take you from barely even knowing what a digital planner is, to being able to make digital planners, get them listed on Etsy, promote them, and make your first sales.

I think a lot of people underestimate the sense of power you get when you see sales coming in from a product that you created.

For that reason, I am screaming from the rooftops, about The Passive Income Girl Planner course and community.

Learn to Make Digital Planners: Passive Income Planner Girl

image of passive income planner girl couse

This program has me all kinds of excited. When I first read the sales page and watched the presentation video, my soul starting singing.

Lately, I have been finding so many amazing women abosolutely crushing it online and I don’t mean simply making a lot of money. I mean creating soul-centered, women-vibed, value-driven honest to goodness businesses.

Michelle and Aimee from the Passive Income Planner Girl are a breath of fresh air in the online buisness space. They are so genuine and true to themselves. And they have a heart-centered passion for helping other women discover their voices and create their own unique paths online.

This is far beyond a course. This is a life-changing, deep soul dive into YOU and what has previously held you back from doing something big.

You’ll see yourself and embrace exactly who you are and use that to move forward. Are there new tools and software to learn? Yup? But you have everything in you to do this. There isn no need to shut down or feel intimidated.

I have never seen a course like this. It addresses exactly why so many of us fail or simply give up on our business dreams and sends us soaring.

What Is Covered in The Passive Income Planner Girl Course?

The Passive Income Planner Girl takes you one one hell of a journey. You start off by becoming aware of the mindset that will move you forward instead of being stuck going in circles. You learn the concept of what a heart-centered business is. For anyone who has been lost in the YUCK of trying to figure out how to make money online, this will have you dancing around the house with joy. Finally! Something that feels RIGHT.

Next up, you will learn to identify your zone of genius. Once you can do that, your lightbulb will be shining brighter than you ever imagined! You’ll run with that and create your first planner. Will it be perfect? Doubtful. But oh my goodness will you feel powerful having completed it. Aaaaand you will go right into setting up your Etsy shop and getting it up and for sale.

Whew! That’s a lot of action taking and a lot of momentum you have gathering! To keep it going, you’ll learn how to market your planner using Pinterest. Again, this is not the typical “do this, do that” kind of training. You will be learning what works, but also checking in and making sure you are following your own instincts. Remember, this is about YOU.

testimonial for passive income planner girl course

Excited yet? Well, by this point, you should be making a few sales from your Etsy store every week. So now it’s time to take your customers on a journey. This is not about making quick sales and moving on. You’ll learn to create Customer Hub that they sign into which will take your relationship to the next level.

You are now feeling strong and powerful with the business you have started, but there is still so much more for you to accomplish! Remember, I said that this course was much, much more than simply making digital planners! Next, you’ll learn how to create your own mini-course. Everything you have done so far will have your customers just waiting to continue with you. How good does that feel? There will be a module just on nurturing your community. That’s right. No modules on how to take people’s money and run, but on how to nurture your community. Re-fresh-ing.

You will also learn how to have your very own affiliate army promoting your products for you! What? What? You are playing big now! Definitely not just wishing, hoping, dreaming. You are doing and you are awesome! I wish that every woman could experience this program, even if her dream is not making digital planners (mine wasn’t) because this level of confidence and empowerment is lacking in too many of us.

Along with everything I mentioned above, you’ll be provided with workbooks, step-by-step turorials that will zap your fear of the tech, Canva templates, and access to the most supportive and beautiful community online. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Michelle, Aimee, the program, and the community.

I lost many years trying to figure things out online and nothing ever worked. It was part lack of confidence, part lack of community, lack of trusting my own voice, and so many programs only focused on money. The second I saw this program, it clicked. Everything clicked.

You learn a skill: how to make digital planners. You learn how to turn away from all the shoulds and musts and instead listen to and trust your own instict.

I cannot think of a better foundation for a kick-ass, heart-centered business. Not a side hustle. A business. A business that is all YOU and will grow and flower and allow you to live life exactly as you have always dreamed. Authentically and with freedom. Hoooooo yea!

Head over to the Passive Income Planner Girl page right now and get ready to get goosebumps of excitement! Your life is about to get goooooood.


testimonial from student of passive income planner girl

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