Make and Sell Printables: Fun, Creative, and Empowering

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My name is Mary, and I am a printables addict. Oh my goodness, they are so fun to create! And there is no end to ideas. I love the idea of learning to make and sell printables as a way to get started making money online because it is so much less intimidating than other online businesses. It also leaves a lot of room for creativity and has a lot of potential for growth. And it’s a really powerful way to grow your confidence, find your unique groove, and find your way to creating and launching bigger products in the future.

Create and Sell Printables online

What are Printables?

Printables are just about anything that you can download to your computer and print out. They can be pdf reports, workbooks, budgeting sheets, gardening planneres, meal planners, journal pages, life planner pages, monthly/weekly/yearly planners, educational sheets, nursary printables, coloring pages, stickers, wall art…… I could seriously go on all day!

Besides all the different types of printables, there are endless niches that you can create and sell printables for. You can go broad (women) or use the power of the internet to niche waaaay down (midwestern moms over 50 who love organic gardening). Pro tip: the more you niche down, the easier it is to find and connect with your customers. And it is so rewarding to create beautiful printables that they love and find really useful. So much winning! And sooooo much fun!

Oh! Printables are also a great way to massively grow your list. What’s that? You don’t have a list yet? Well, I highly suggest you get started making printables that you can use to get easy and eager sign-ups to your website list.

Don’t know how or even where to start? Hold on, and I’ll give you an easy button.

Is it Hard to Make and Sell Printables?

As with any new online business, there will be a learning curve when you start making and selling printables. In comparison to many other online businesses, this is a pretty little curve and, when taken in steps, it’s quite doable. Honestly, the most important thing is to step back, take a breath, remember that you have everything you already need inside of you, and then look just one step in front of you.

The most important piece to your new business is learning to create the printables. This can be done in a variety of software, but the two that are used the most for printables are Canva and Powerpoint. I cannot personally speak for Powerpoint since I don’t have it installed, but it is the number one choice of many top-earning printable creators. If you already have it, you should definitely give it a go.

For those without Powerpoint or simply looking for an alternative, I use and love Canva. I just recently upgraded to the paid version, but you can absolutely create perfectly beautiful printables with the free version. Later, when sales start coming in and you feel like you could benefit from the extras offered in the paid version, you can upgrade. But for starting out, you will have everything you need for free.

images of a variety of printables to show the possibilies
play around with different formats, different niches, and colors…. there are so many options for making and selling printables

What is the Easiest Way to Get Started Making Printables?

This is where I take out my secret weapon. While you really could figure out all the pieces on your own, you will lose a lot (and I mean a looooot) of time and be all over the place following what this person tells you to do, what that one tells you to purchase, etc. I *may* be talking from experience here.

Slight aside, because it’s always good to be able to laugh at yourself. One busines model I love and push a lot of people toward is creating info products. But people worry that no one will want to buy their product if all the info is available for free online. I swear that, during the same time I was sitting on my high horse, writing a post about how I am so smart and evolved for knowing when to pay for a product, I was losing hours of my time trying to figure out how to get things going on my own with printables. Ok, so, I am smart but also sometimes a bit slow.

I actually was having fun learning a lot about how to make and sell printables, but I wasn’t moving forward at all. Finally, I remembered my own words and decided to invest in a course. What I found was that people who love printables have that wonderful creative energy that doesn’t translate well to teaching. Haha. I don’t say that to be mean, but a lot of times when you are passionate about something, you jump all over the place and lack the hand-holding, step-by-step teaching a beginner needs.

Enter my secret weapon. Yes, she is passionate about making and selling printables, BUT she is also an engineer. Oh, and a mom. What this combo gets you is someone who loves what she is teaching, is amazingly organized and thorough and understands that most of us do not have hours and hours of free time. Bam!

So, if you want to start making printables like this

images of different types of printables to make and sell

Sign up for The Best Printables Course and Learn to Make and Sell Printables that You and Your Customers Will Love

How’s that for a heading? Haha! I really do love this course and all that it can do for you. This is one of those “and so much more” courses. Yes, you will learn every single step to make and sell printables. You will have lessons for both Powerpoint and Canva. There are over 9 hours of short, easy to follow videos. I will get to the breakdown of everything else you get below.

First I want to say that this course is so much more than learning to sell printables. You will completely gain confidence in YOU and your abilities. You will feel like a superstar. Or a rockstar. Or a super-powered rockstar. You will open up the floodgates of your imagination– not just for creating printables, but for what the next, big step will be as you dream of building on this foundation. AND you will take those next steps!

I don’t want to beat you down with this, but I really cannot stress enough how empowering something like this is. I don’t care where you are at in life-happilly married, single, wanting to leave your spouse, financially secure, in dire straights- there is nothing more empowering than learning and implementing something new and starting your OWN business.

The really great thing about all of this is, there really is close to no risk. The startup costs are practically nil. The time investment is not unbearable. No crazy software to buy or learn. No uncomfortable selling. Tell me, are you getting butterflies? I hope you are!

What is Included in The Best Printables Course?

And what the heck is this best printables class called? The step-by-step learn to make and sell printables course is aptly called Printables by Number. This is such a perfect marriage of having a paint by number type of course that also pulls in your own voice and creativity. As someone who struggles with logically organizing things (especially new projects on the computer), this coure will rock your world as you start this new venture with the best organization ev-ah!

So, what will you get with Printables by Number?

  • Learn the exact steps to design high-converting, beautiful printables
  • 9+ hours of step-by-step, easy to follow, actionable videos
  • Instructions for both Powerpoint and Canva so you can use what you like best
  • The exact steps to promote your printables
  • The exact steps to be able to sell your printables with multiple options
  • 10+ gorgeous done for you templates that you can use as-is or edit to your liking and SELL
  • free sales templates
  • learn how to use your printables to grow your email list
  • step-by-step bonus course on how to set up your own resource library
  • done for you product mock-ups to showcase and sell your printables
  • 100+ printable ideas
  • expert masterclass on how to sell on etsy

There is so much value in this course that cannot be listed here. To find someone with this kind of organized thinking and workflow is absolutely the best way to learn something like this. It will zap your frustration and going in circles and make you feel powerful and ready to conquer the printable world! Seriously! Here is a visual of all that you get (note: superhero pose not pictured)

image of everything included in Printables by number to learn to make and sell printables
Printables by Number is absolutely the best course to learn to make and sell printables

Are You Ready to Get Started Making Your Own Printables? Sign Up Now!

If you’ve made it this far, it means that something is speaking to you. Go with that! When you feel that stirring in your belly, good things are about to happen! If you head over to the Printables by Number sales page, there are some really inspiring testimonials along with more details about the course and if it is right for you. If you have any questions or just want to talk your thoughts out, I’m here. Just reach out (

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