Start a Profitable Blog: Discover and Use Your Unique Voice

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Can I still start a profitable blog in 2021? I think that every year, the big news is that “blogging is dead.” Yet, every year people are starting new blogs and absolutely thriving. Honestly, I think that so many people go into blogging, or anything else online with the sole focus of making money and thus have a level of desperation to quickly find success. When they don’t find it by using old, outdated steps that fit someone else, they proclaim that it no longer works. The problem though is not the business model, it is the fact that it is missing a vital piece: YOU.

In case you didn’t know it, you are awesome. And, if you still struggle to beleive that, there is nothing better that you can do than start your very own online business.

Really. When I first started out online, I thought that this was all about learning the software and techniques. It’s not. This is about learning about YOU. It’s about really digging deep, working on yourself, and uncovering your truth and your voice.

Heavy stuff, huh? Starting an online business like a blog, and finding success by finding yourself is the most empowering thing I know. Starting a profitable blog and growing from there is an absolutely perfect way to learn online business because it is low-risk, low-cost, and has everything you need to grow.

what if you could start a profitable blog?

But What Could I Blog About?

The beauty of the internet is that there really is a niche for everything. Scan your daily life. What lights you up? What do you love talking about or reading about? What comes easily to you? What have you always wanted to learn about?

You can take common advice and niche down, way down. Meaning, get really, really specific about who you are talking to. Latina moms over 50 who love world travel. Over 50 women who rescue greyhounds. OK, I’m really random, but just want to give you the idea.

By going really niche, you can more easily find and connect to your readers.

But if you don’t feel pulled to niche down like that, don’t! It is ok to go against the grain and follow your gut. There are plenty of very general blogs out there that make big bank and have rabit fans. So don’t do something because you “should.” Do it because it fits you and feels like the right thing.

Take some time and think about topics. Imagine yourself writing and adding to your blog. What is lighting you up when you think about that? What kind of connection do you want with your readers? Take note of the things that come immediately to your mind because that is usually where the gold is.

How Hard is it To Start a Profitable Blog? Does it Require a Lot of Time?

Just like any online business, if you look at the big, end picture, you will feel that it is too hard and too many pieces to learn and do. BUT, the thing is, you have everything you need to do this already inside of you. That’s not some rah-rah bologna, but the soul-centered truth. Look at all you have done in your life that seemed impossible at first.

Starting a blog is pretty simple. Starting a profitable blog is a bit more complicated. Though it is simply taking one step at a time and not getting overwhelmed by the big picture. If you jump in day one and try to get everything done, learn it all, and have it all perfect, I can guarantee you will quit. And be convinced that you just don’t have what it takes.

But if you take it one step at a time and remind yourself that you already have everything you need, I can guarantee that you will reach the end and feel like an rockin’ superhero! Make that a rockin’ superhero with an awesome blog! No new software will steal your power!

Af for time, starting and growing a blog is a great business for someone who may not have large, dedicated chunks of time to dedicate to it. This is also where my secret weapon comes in.

Blog By Number to the Rescue!

Oh how I love this course, let me count the ways! As with anything, you definitely could do some research and learn to start a blog on your own. You’ll save money by not paying for a course, but you’ll hit a lot of roadblocks, get buried in information and unorganized ideas, and lose a lot of time. Something as big and complicated as starting a profitable blog deserves a proper course. And you deserve this course.

Blog By Number was created by Suzi Whitford who brings a lot to the table. She has very successful blogs so speaks and teaches from direct experience. She is a mom of 3 littles, so she knows about lack of time and constant interruptions. And, the clincher for me, she is an engineer. This means that she adds a level of logic and organization to the flow of learning that for flighty people like me is invaluable. After going through my fair share of blogging courses, Suzi is also a breath of fresh air because she is so sincere and never has dollar signs in her eyes but instead focuses on the value you are learning to give to your customers.

The course covers everything. EVERYTHING. From super simple getting started basics to going big. She overdelivers and then overdelivers some more. And, something I really love is that she goes out of her way to show you how to get started with free tools. I remember starting out and always having anxiety about the huge investment in tools and software. Blogging does require quite a lot, but Suzi shows you how to do it with next to no extra cost. That, right there pays for the course.

Let me say that I really did stress out about the software and tools when starting out. I was so certain that if I used the free versions of things, I wouldn’t do as well as with the paid versions. Now, with perspective, I can tell you that the free tools really are all you need when starting out. It takes so much financial pressure off of you. And then, once the money starts coming in, all you have to do is upgrade. So, please, relax and trust in the free tools.

blog by number testimonial

What Will I Learn in Blog By Number?

You will learn absolutely everything to take you from zero to “woo hooo!” in Blog by Number. There are over 65 step-by-step, easy to digest videos. The pace is perfect for getting you to take action and avoid overwhelm. They are also short enough that you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to going through a lesson.

The videos will take you by the hand and show you how to do it all from editing images, setting up your blog’s theme, to getting traffic to your new blog. Coolest part is, by following along, you will have a professional blog that already has a money making post when you finish the course.

Here is a breakdown of the video moduless:

  • Why Should You Start a Blog?
  • How to Decide on The Perfect Blog Niche for You
  • How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name
  • Step-by-Step How to Start a Blog
  • How to Set Up Your Professional Blog
  • The Basics and Essentials
  • Powerful Free and Affordable Plugins
  • How To Write Blog Posts That Work for You
  • Thousands of Blog Post Ideas
  • How to Brand Your Blog
  • Final Touches Before the Big Launch
  • Powerfully Simple Keyword Research
  • How to Use Pinterest for Traffic
  • SEO for Traffic
  • Facebook for Traffic
  • How to Make Money Blogging: Your First Dollar
  • Build Your Email List
  • Advanced Techniques

Whew! I told you that this course covers everything. But wait! There’s more!

What Else is Included in Blog by Number?

image of everything included with Blog by Number to start a profitable blog
Ready to start a profitable blog? Here is everything you need

I’m glad you asked! Haha. That well-oiled engineering mind of Suzi’s really did think of everything you will need to start your own profitable blog. Besides the stellar video modules, she has also included:

  • 50+ beautiful, professional pre-built website templates: you have the choice of leaning to do it yourself or simply installing one of these templates and having your website up in minutes.
  • A list of 83 ways to make money with your blog: you chose what fits you and your goals. Start making money from the start.
  • 3 Fill in the Blank Blog posts that are essential to any profitable blog.
  • A course checklist so you take action and don’t miss anything
  • 130 blog post headlines that will get you clicks
  • How to sell printables on your blog
  • How to sell services on your blog
  • Learn how to professionally edit images
  • 8,209 popular blog post ideas: You’ll be set with content for a decade!
  • 500+ free stock images
  • 110 page ebook
  • Workbooks
  • And hours saved from frustration!
blog by number testimonial

Are You Ready to Start YOUR Profitable Blog? Let’s Go!

As I mentioned, I have been through quite a few blogging courses over the years. Suzi’s course is nothing like any of them. Besides being ridiculously thorough and orgainized, this completely fits into a soul-centered business. She teaches from both experience and her heart. It is not about chasing dollars, but about using what you have to create a quality blog and making money as the result. A huge difference. And so refreshing.

I also love that she doesn’t feel like you are only capable of learning to create a blog. Suzi beleives that you will create a profitable blog that will naturally lead you to even bigger things with your blog as the foundation.

Do you have butterflies in your belly? I hope so! Because it’s time to start your own successful soul-centered online business. Just click the beautiful button below to get started.

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