Value-Driven, Honest Affiliate Marketing

Hi! Just wanted to make sure that you know that many of the links I use are affiliate links. This means that, after I have fallen in love with a product, I ask if I can help to promote it. If you click on my link and end up purchasing, I get a commission and a very grateful heart. So, thank you.

Being an idealist, it bugs me that I would have to add on the words “value-driven” and “honest” to a really great business model. Shouldn’t every business model be value-driven and honest? But, alas! the popularity and general ease of affiliate marketing has attracted a bunch of noise, scams, and sleaze into the mix. It’s darn hard to find your way without selling your soul. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction. Tra-la-la! There are good guys to the rescue and on a mission to turn affiliate marketing on its head.

What is Value-Driven and Honest Affiliate Marketing Anyway???

In short, value-driven, honest affiliate marketing is everything that it should be. It starts with qualitiy products. For now, I am going to talk specifically about the progam that changed everything for me, Affiliate Triad. This is where I found my home, my magic little corner of the internet, after a decade of crawling through the affiliate marketing trenches. After nearly giving up on myself and online business, this program proved to me that there is still a way to find success in affiliate marketing by leading with integrity. Whew.

So, back to the products. While affiliate marketers can promote just about any product (digital or physical) under the sun, Affiliate Triad focuses on digital products and mainly in the online business/make money online niche. That right there, is huge. The make money online world is ultra competitive and utra sleazy. So how on earth can it be value-driven?

By representing products that are proven. Products that have a solid track record. Products that the creators stand by as opposed to just pumping out products and then moving onto the next, leaving their customers drowning. The creators or value-driven products are in it for the long haul, provide top notch customer support, updates, and an online community. Oh, and the products actually create amazing results for the customers.

These products are courses or programs that can literally change somebody’s life. They are products that you would proudly promote to your closest friends and family. You will celebrate when someone purchases, not because of the commission you earned, but because you know they are going to soar with it!

what if you could do affiliate marketing with integrity?

How Do I Find Honest Affiliate Marketing Opportunites?

This is one of those things that with a lot of grit and dertermination, you could figure out on your own. But I absolutely do not recommend it. I’ll get to the reasons later. For now, I’ll just say it is too much to do on your own without burning out.

A group is going to take you so much further than you could alone. Hands down, I recommend Affiliate Triad. I was lucky enough to get in on opening day in April of 2020. The amount that I have learned and grown since I joined is beyond my wildest dreams. I won’t wear you down with all my swooning praise, but if you are curious, you can watch a love letter video here.

A huge benefit to being a member of Affiliate Triad is access to high ticket products and launches that you would not otherwise have access to promote. Even more important, you are always given review access to fully use the product/course and make sure it is something you feel good about promoting. Having 2 weeks to a month to access a $3000 product is *kind of* a big deal.

The products come to us already highly vetted and have ticked off dozens of boxes to meet the Affiliate Triad criteria, the most important of which is, “Would I recommend this to my mother/son/children/best friend.” Even so, it is important for you to see and use the product and form your own opinion.

How Will Affiliate Triad Help Me as a New Affilliate Marketer?

Ufff! This is a long list, you may want to get a drink and a comfortable seat. Affiliate Triad is like no other affiliate marketing program around. Honestly, it is very hard to explain or understand until you are in it. It is there that you get to see not only all the pieces that make it up, but you get to witness the behind the scenes integrity. Trust me, in the internet marketing space, this is way beyond a rarity.

Jason, the co-founder, once said that when people used to ask him what he did, instead of saying he was an internet marketer, he’d say he was a piano player in a whore house because that held more prestige. A bit of a crude joke, but it speaks volumes about the state of affiliate marketing. So, when I keep touting the great value and integrity inside of Affiliate Triad, it’s because, sadly, this is almost never seen in this space.

I will add one last thing to that point. Coming into a place like Affiliate Triad will give you so much more time, focus and energy. Why? Because you will no longer be fighting against your values (selling questionable products, using questionable methods, etc). You will no longer be drained by the “big boys’s club” of high fives for taking peoples’ money. You will no longer place your energy in always looking over your shoulder wondering if the program you purchased is legit or if it will really work. You really don’t realize how much of an energy pull all of that is until you get out of it.

Ok, ok, Mary, I hear you. So will you please tell me what I will get?????!!!!

All the Pieces of Affiliate Triad: Done For You Honest Affilate Marketing

checklist of Affiliate Triad benefits
Affiliate Triad is a Done For You, Honest Affilate Marketing System and So Much More!

As you can see, Affiliate Triad is a done-for-you HONEST affiliate marketing system and then some. The amount of work that is taken off your shoulders is crazy. Some of the top benefits are

  • Big (I mean BIG) done for you promotions that include webinars, funnels, bonuses packages, and emails, for starters. Sometimes they even include better than money-back guarantees (backed by Rapid Crush) and other powerful, rarely seen marketing techniques and strategies. Let me point out that the bonus packages created by Rapid Crush are mind-blowing. These are not page-long lists of worthless products just tacked on to get people to buy. These bonuses are full-on compliments to the main product. Meaning that they will not simply distract from the process, but actually help to create even more huge successes with the product.
  • Product Review Access: This is a must. You’ll be able to log in and actually look at the product and use it if you wish. Affiliate Triad routinely scores tens of thousands of dollars worth of products a year for their members, so you don’t have to open your wallet to see if the product is worth it! After all, how can you promote something with integrity if you have never seen or used it?
  • Weekly Mentor Calls: With 6 mentors from diverse backgrounds, you will have access to a wealth of information. Calls are live so you have the chance to ask questions and get real-time help. There is also a recording vault of all previous mentors sessions that you can access at any time.
  • Product Reseller Licenses: You are given proven products that people love and that sell like hotcakes. On top of that, you get the products with your own done-for-you funnels that have been designed on your behalf. Many members have used these products to quickly and easily pay for their Affiliate Triad membership many times over. Of course, you should also use these products yourself for your own personal benefit, as they teach you some cutting-edge internet marketing and personal development strategies.
  • Full Marketing Software Suite: This marketing platform can do everything for you – send emails, take payments, build web pages, and much more. The only catch is it costs money to use. So we decided we will rebate back the first year’s cost to you. Yup. You will get the cost of your marketing software paid back to you for a full year. I know when you are starting off, it is hard to invest in all the software that you need. No worries about that now!
  • Membership to the Private Slack Community: For me, this is one of the biggest benefits. The community is so real, so accessible, and kind. There are veteran 6 and 7 figure marketers, complete newbies, and everyone in between from every corner of the world. And everyone is happy to offer a helping hand and share their “secrets” because there is no scarcity mindset. It is absolutely refreshing and the reason I don’t hesitate to call the community my family.
  • One unlisted benefit: The chance to discover and use your own unique voice. This is not a cookie-cutter, “follow these exact steps or be doomed to failure” type of program. You are given the foundation and all the resources you need to then form a business that fits who you are. This was what gave me a major breakthrough as I always felt so stagnant/fake/tired in programs where I was told to follow a formula. It’s what turns this into a real, solid business that lights you up.
  • There is so much more: Free traffic coaching, member spotlights, real-time support, training, resources, and more and more and more! Hahaha so much more!

OK, I’m Sold! How Do I Join Affilate Triad?

In order to keep things flowing for members, Affilate Triad can only open doors to new members for a few days every month. So, go ahead and click the magic button below and if your timing is right, you’ll be taken to a sign up page for the webinar and/or sales page. If you missed the open doors, you’ll get to sign up for the waiting list. Which is actually a good thing. From there, I’ll get you some emails to help you start setting the foundation for becomig a member so that you come in raring to go!

If you are unsure, that’s great too. Sign up for the webinar and you’ll come away from that knowing if this if for you or not. Sometimes the best way to figure out what is right for you is to figure out what isn’t. So, go ahead and click the really big button below.

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