Let’s Walk the Path To a Soul-Filled Online Business and Life Together

My life has been about playing small and hiding in the corner. Having a website was never part of the plan, and definitely not a website with my name and photos. My journey started with a simple desire to make money online and took me down so many dark, creepy alleys that I still feel a bit dirty.

I was too scared to use my own voice, and lacked too much confidence to do anything but follow somebody else’s steps. I thought my job was to learn the software and the methods. Nope.

My job was to grow. To learn about me. And to finally show up.

So, here I am: unpolished, imperfect, and ready to share the good, honest side of making money online. Ready?

mary brey dot com

About Me

A professional wanderer by trade, I have somehow found myself settled on the island of Cozumel for nearly a decade.

I had started trying to figure out how to make a living online before taking the long road south, but got impatient and jumped in my little subcompact car with my dog and here we are.

My time here has included opening and running a restaurant/bar/music venue for 7 years before closing in February of 2020 with the decision to go all-in with my internet business.

The decision to go all-in coincided perfectly with everything here shutting down due to Covid-19 and my perfect tribe of honest, sunshiney online warriors coming into my life and changing everything. 

If you enjoy reading about awkwardness, anxiety, and geriatric pregnancies, I’ve got the goods, so click below to read more.

Me deciding to embrace my unpolished awkward self while my 4 year old scowls at life.

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