Work Less and Make More Money

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You have a great idea for an online business or to just make more money for pocket cash. Can you find success by slowly taking action? Sounds like a great way to avoid overwhelm and burnout, but do little baby steps create momentum fast enough? Imagine this:

Day #1. Today you start a new business and you work on it for 5 minutes. That’s it. Just 5 minutes. Then, you congratulate yourself on a job well done and move on to other things like errands, watching TV, etc.

Day #2. You continue working on your business, again just for 5 minutes. Once again, you congratulate yourself and move on to other activities.

Day #3. You continue working on your business. This time, you put in 10 minutes, and you feel pretty darn good about yourself. Big congratulations are in order, and then you move on with your day.

Day #4… well, this day you didn’t quite have the time. Not to worry, you’ll catch up the next day.

… the days pass….

Day #30. You’ve long forgotten about your newly started business, your life is exactly the same it was 30 days ago.

Aaaargh! This sucks, right? You were so sure that you had found the way to success and you started off so determined! Unfortunately, your plan was doomed for failure from day 1.

I could not even begin to count the number of times I have started off all gung-ho with a plan only to never gain momentum. Without the momentum, it is way, WAY too easy to create an excuse to skip just one day. In your heart, you really do believe that you will be back at it the next day. But without strong momentum to pull you back, it is much easier to create a few more excuses and then forget about the plan all together.

Taking slow, tiny steps every day sounds so DOABLE. So EASY. But it just doesn’t work.

Yet, it’s the exact plan that some productivity gurus are trying to teach you.

Do a little every day, take it slow, install habits, and presto magico! Success is yours!

This advice feels good when you read it. It clicks with you and you feel that burst of positive emotion that THIS time, you will actually follow through and succeed.

The only problem is it just doesn’t work.

For me doing things like that feels a bit like torture.

I want to dive in head first and go fast. I want to see results fast. I want to know whether what I have on my hands works, because if it doesn’t… I better move on, right? And let’s be honest, a lot of our ideas won’t work. Better to know sooner rather than later. Also, failed ideas are what lead to winning ideas. So fast action really is key.


So, let’s consider the opposite scenario.

Day #1. You have your new business idea and you decide to go at it HARD. You put ALL your extra time and energy into it, give it everything you have and then some.

Day #2, #3, #4… same deal. You do this every day for a WEEK. You work harder than you ever have before.

Then… the real magic happens. You have built a solid foundation for a business that will make you money for years to come, and can now slow things down, just tweaking a thing here or there.

Here’s the thing.

The first approach is what most people take. They are hard workers, sincere, they show up every day, put in the same amount of effort. They’re exhausted but they can’t afford to relax. They have to go in every day to continue putting in the same amount of effort.

Oddly, it feels comforting because you are doing something. You are staying in the lines, doing what you are supposed to. But where is it getting you? In 30 days are you able to show growth?

Very few people take the second approach. No wonder… because it sounds harder. Working your butt off and not allowing excuses sounds hard. Sounds exhausting. Does not offer the comforts of esacaping to the tv or internet. Requires drive.

So many people think that taking this approach will be too much for them, “Oh no, I’ll burn myself out!”

Not to make fun of a serious condition… but no, you won’t, You know why?

Because not only will you work harder… you will also experience a completely different level of relaxation that only comes with knowing that you have created amazing results for yourself. And gained a lot of momentum. Fast.

Not only that, you will, ultimately, work less and get paid WAY more if you do things this way.

I juse the example of online business because I see this played out over and over. But it applies to almost any plan you come up with. Is there anything in your life right now that would benefit from this approach?

Let me know.

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