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mary brey

I didn’t start with a plan to have a website with my name. My journey started with a simple desire to make money online, and took me down so many dark, creepy alleys that I still feel a bit dirty.

I was too scared to use my own voice, lacked too much confidence to do anything but follow somebody else’s steps. I thought my job was to learn the software and the methods. Nope.

My job was to grow. To learn about me. And to finally show up.

So, here I am: cape on and ready to share the good, honest side of making money online. Ready?

mary brey dot com

About Me

A professional wanderer by trade, I have somehow found myself settled on the island of Cozumel for nearly a decade.

I had started trying to figure out how to make a living online before taking the long road south, but got impatient and jumped in my little subcompact car with my dog and here we are.

My time here has included opening and running a restaurant/bar/music venue for 7 years before closing in February of 2020 with the decision to go all in with my internet business.

The decision to go all in coincided perfectly with everything here shutting down due to Covid-19 and my perfect tribe of honest, sunshiney online warriors coming into my life and changing everything. 

If you enjoy reading about awkwardness, anxiety, and geriatric pregnancies, I’ve got the goods, so click below to read more.

Me deciding to embrace my unpolished awkward self while my 4 year old scowls at life.

My Movement, My Mission, My Passion: Ethical Marketing and Quality Products That Change People’s Lives

AKA : Ditch the Sleaze and Learn How to Create a Long Term, Value-Driven, Honest Online Business

From any honest high rollers in the internet marketing field, you will learn that when a big product launch is about to take place, the customer barely even makes it into the discussion. As a matter of fact, the buyers are usually an afterthought and even then an annoying detail.

What a product launch is about is selling as much as possible at any cost. So there is a huge focus on creating hype, getting big name endorsements, and viral social “proof.” And all of this hype that comes at you over and over again is brought to you by other internet marketers who have probably not even seen/used the product they are so highly endorsing. They don’t care about the end result for you. They care about getting paid their commissions.

These big marketers maintain sparkling online reputations for creating THE BEST products and I bet they do have a good one from time to time. But, even then, if you buy into it, and hit the ground running, soon enough you’ll realize that the marketers have moved on and you have been left hanging.

When I first looked into affiliate marketing, I was blown away by the numbers. Wow! If you can break into the market for these major product launches, you will have more money than you know what to do with. But there are a couple of problems. One, is cutthroat blackhat (dirty) competition. The other is that you have to pretty much toss your ethics and values to the wind and hide your face from your customers.

Quick aside: When I decided to launch this page, I was planning to use a catchy page title and at the very last second, I chose to use my name for the domain. A huge leap for someone who is painfully shy and awkward and would prefer to stay anonymous. I hadn’t realized the full reason for my decision until I typed that above sentence out. That sentence also sums up why I was a miserable failure at every stab I took at affiliate marketing. Well, big money affiliate marketing. I have some Amazon affiliate blogs that bring me no shame.

So, I guess I can sum all of that up to say that making money online is possible but it was never my goal. My goal has always been to build an honest online business. When you care about what you put out there, what you offer to your customers, and what kind life-changing results your customers get, that is a business. And therein lies longevity. And pride. And happiness. And adding value. And money.

I have attempted sales various times in my life. Both for others and for my own business. I realize now that I had a big stumbling block because I held a belief that a good salesman has to care first and foremost about making the sale. Which I could never do. No matter how broke I was, I just couldn’t. But now I realize that a great salesperson takes away the sales pitch and instead makes it a way of life based on their value system.

So, yeah, I am ready to start a movement. Because there are so many wonderful people who are looking to change their lives and they are getting eaten up and spit out by online marketers who don’t care about their success. People looking for more freedom to travel, to be with their families. Single moms wanting to prove to themselves and the world that they CAN do it. People wanting to break out of the 9-5 and make decisions for themselves instead of being told what to do every day. People who want to finally BREATHE knowing that they have an emergency fund and no debt. And, of course, the commom factor among all of these people, wanting to create an online business that creates endless pride, peace of mind, and happiness. And can buy you some pretty cool stuff too.

I sure hope you’ll jump on board with me. I’ll be adding to the blog with tips, tools, useful freebies, and stellar, vetted, solid business ideas each and every month. I can promise that every product I offer will be something that I myself would do (if I don’t already) and I would also proudly present to my friends and family. Does that mean that every opportunity will be perfect for you and you should jump on it? No. You need to know what your checklist is. What do you need to check off in order to know in your heart and soul that something is for you? Have that checklist ready and buckle up. We’re about to take a life changing drive!

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