Hi! I’m Mary!

I’m following sparks to get unstuck and create a heart and soul filled life and online business. I’m sharing all the juicy wins that can help you start to sparkle too!

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Here’s the thing. I’m done with shoulds and boxed in fomulas. I’m over ignoring my own sparks and trying to do what I’m supposed to only to find myself stuck and empty. This wakeup came through trying to start an online business. OMG does everyone shove step-by-step formulas down your throat and shame the heck out of you if you dare to think for yourself.

So, here’s my site. No overstuffed, google-schmoozing keywords, no “niching down,” no purposefully talking to your pain points or hypnotic copywriting. This is ME. Doing all the wrong things because I now know that following my sparks is the only way I will ever find true success. You can get to know me more HERE.

If the focus is on following someone else’s shoulds and all your energy is going into hustling and chasing success, you’ll stay stuck. Stop. Breathe. Turn the focus to YOU. Listen to your inner voice, follow your sparks of joy and do the hard work of personal growth first. Those sparks, along with lots of inspired, imperfect action will take you to true success and freedom.

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