Let’s flipping do this!

Hi! I’m mary and I’m on a journey to go from stuck to abundant!

I’m no expert and definitely not a self-help guru but I am something much more magical for a lot of you- relatable. I was the poster child for STUCK and hopeless and am now on my journey to abundance- in life, love, wealth- all the things! I want to share tools, hacks and “rah rahs” to help you on your journey. But I also want to share the deep, dark truth of where I am and where I was so that getting from where you are to your own abundance will feel like a truth.

Take Your Own Path

This is your journey and I want you to just flow with it. If something speaks to you, follow it. There is no straight line, no one solution. You’re going to be like a chemist combing a bit of this, removing a bit of that, and slowly getting exacly what you need.

magic tips

Magical Mind Tools

my Mission

I want you to know and beleive that you deserve to find your joy and abundance.


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you and me

The Journey

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I promise not to overdo the emails, but I do enjoy sharing big thoughts and new tips.